About Erik Wrenholt

I'm an software developer and artist from Lincoln Nebraska. I hope you enjoy my artwork. If you have any questions or comments about any of the content on this web site, please feel free to contact me.

How the images were made

There are two main classes of images: 3D artwork created using Structure Synth, and rendered using Sunflow, and fractal artwork created using a custom Mac application I'm working on. Please see the tags under each image for more detail about which method was used.

Structure Synth uses a context-free language called EiesenScript to generate recursive 3D models from simple primitives. Sunflow is a global illumination ray tracer written in Java. Both applications are fantastic, free, and open source!

My fractal application generates Buddhabrots, Julia Sets, and fractal flames (and combinations of all of these), and renders them using shallow depth of field.

Some of the models were created using topological mesh modelers such as TopMod or HeMeshGUI.

There are also few early images that were created using POV-ray and the POV-ray macro language, and some fractal images were created using Kai's Power Tools.

Image License

You are free to use the artwork on this web site for one purpose: as desktop wallpaper for your personal computer. All other rights are reserved.

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